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Research & more of my 2¢ on meth

May 31, 2008

I’ve been aware that sinus/allergy medications contained an ingredient in meth, and the rest consisted of things like toilet bowl clearing. In doing some searching, there are many items listed that I wouldn’t want to touch without gloves, much less put in my body!?! Baffles the mind what would make a person think of this.

Not a comprehensive list, but a general one after doing some web research with a list of what goes into the production of meth:
Gasoline additives, Rubbing Alcohol, Paint thinner, Benzene, Freon, Anhydrous ammonia, Acetone(fingernail polish remover), Chloroform, ingredients from brake cleaner, drain cleaner, lithium from batteries, iodine, Camp stove fuel, Pheynl-2-Propane, Phenylacetone, Phenylpropanolamine, Battery acid

I’d have to do a search on what “Phenylacetone” is, as well as a couple others, but the ones most of us are familiar with… paint thinner, battery acid… ?!?!? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out these are substances that do NOT belong in the body. My gripe – nothing else (that I’m aware of) has controlled sales, so why punish those with allergies?

Meth lab clean ups carry a hefty price tags. Rather than having innocent law abiding personnel don protective suits to clean them up, I saw we get one of the addicts and/or inmates on a volunteer basis; having worked as a corrections officer in the past, there are plenty of inmates in the work release programs, etc., that would be interested in doing so. Eliminate the special suits and huge costs. Another option I’d propose would be to strap a high voltage shock collar on a meth lab owner, so if they tried to run or do anything stupid, the push of a button would disable them.


How to prevent meth use

May 31, 2008

Methamphetamine – nothing but a headache for everyone. For allergy sufferers like me, the fact pseudoephedrine products (aka Sudafed, Benadryl-D) are limited are more than just a sinus headache for me. As I understand it, the primary ingredient in meth is pseudoephedrine. Legislators seem to think it’s a great idea to limit the sales. That means it’s a pain in the butt for allergy sufferers to get a medicine that actually works for symptomatic relief, a headache for pharmacists who must go through the legal hassles of dispensing literally having to dispense an OTC med over their counter, with no financial kick backs or perks to them, and(presumably) the meth addicts just getting sneakier about getting products. Sadly, all these STUPID laws and roadblocks in place hurt more than the group they were intended for.

I say if someone wants to use meth, have closed door clinic – let them in, but lock the door behind them. Those who want to sober up and want to make a legit change in their life will be released. The rest – hey, free meth for all who enter, but they aren’t allowed to leave unless they’re clean for a predetermined amount of time. For those not wishing to clean up, let them sit there, give them all the meth they want. If they overdose, well, consider it some chlorine to the people pool. (I’d call it the gene pool, but addictions are a series of bad choices, not genetic in my opinion). You ask, how can a Christian say such a thing- easy, I choose Jesus, much like addicts have their own prerogatives. I’m no saint, but I have repented and know I’m forgiven, even if some of my ideas seem radical to some. Even an addict has the choice of looking to God for help at cleaning up. I believe people can and do change, but only if they want to – much like choosing God – no one can force anyone one way or the other.

So, on my recent state tax return, they have an option to contribute to anti-meth campaigns – riiiiiiiiiiiiight, gimme a break. For truly effective anti-meth advertising, just show Meth-Mouth (one of devastating side effects of it). Today’s rant on meth struck me after reading Dr. WhiteCoat’s entry on Denstistry and Socialized Medicine.

His entry is *NOT* about meth, but socialized medicine and dentistry as a comparison. As always, he brings up good points!

As for the Methamphetamine campaigns, click this only if you do not have a weak stomach. It’s a google image search on “meth mouth” and brings up the most convincing reasons(images) of all on not using it.

so, what provoked him?

May 30, 2008

Since some of these patient stories, modified to comply with HIPAA of course, here’s another one from the archives of my memory. I’ve dusted off the virual brain file to bring you this short exerpt. I’m sure I have more laughable ones, but I haven’t sorted through all those mental archives, and figure out a creative privacy based way to write ’em.
One one particular weekend, a carnival had come to town. If anyone knows anything about ‘carnies’ they smell bad and love to drink, and while it doesn’t have effect the medical care they receive, have no insurance, no permanent address, etc.

It seems whenever there was a call and anything to do with a carnie was involved, usually a degree of intoxication was present at a minimum. One particular evening around 1 a.m. we were dispatched out to a local bar. A patient I’ll call Mr. Peel had been drinking all evening (and likely all day) and was unconscious. It wasn’t a typical fall over and pass out type of unconscious, but an altercation between Mr. Peel and another individual at the bar. His face was a bloody mess and he was certainly the drunken victim of a bar fight disagreement.

On the way the hospital, Mr. Peel had regained consciousness, and despite making our ambulance stink like alcohol, was quite lucid. While going through questions, assessing him, etc., I asked him “So, what provoked the other guy to attack you.”

With his toothless grin he cracked a smile and replied “me” (meaning him).

I never ever had a patient by the name of Deborah or Mr. Peel – who just happens to be the “HIPAA nazi” and makes such a great pseudonym on medical blogs.

(MT) Watch out for these words

May 27, 2008

Something I was meaning to put up was a list of “tricky” words – geared more at new transcriptionists, but we all can use reminders at times… (this post will be added on to as I find/make time)

Malar vs. Malleus vs. Malleolus

malar (zygomatic bone)
Outline of Malar/Zygomatic bone (hotlinked image)

malleus (TM area)
Diagram of inside of ear [hotlinked image]

malleolus (fibula prominence)
Malleolus [hotlinked image]

Dysphasia vs. Dysphagia
Dysphagia: Difficulty in swallowing.
dyspahgia (noun) Condition in which swallowing is difficult or painful
Dysphasia / Aphasia: A language disorder in which there is an impairment of speech and of comprehension of speech. (such as with TIA’s for example) / inability to use or understand language (spoken or written) because of a brain lesion or injury.
Though some MD’s will use the terms aphasia and dysphagia interchangeably, the differences between these two terms are:
• Aphasia = loss of ability to speak or understand speech.
• Dysphasia = a partial or disordered ability to speak or understand speech.
——– But for dysphaGia and dysphaSia a numonic to make it easier to remember – the G in dyphagia, think of as GI (as in gastrointestinal)

There vs. Their vs. They’re

To me this is one of the more trivial basic things, but perhaps someone else surfing the net will find this useful.
There is used to describe a location. An example would be if I ask you to look at the sidebar on the right side of your screen – I have a list of other blogs over THERE on that right side.
Their is a noun the expresses possession of something. Example, on the M.D.O.D. blog, it is THEIR (as in the authors of that blog) choice who they allow to be an author over THERE (ahhhh, that location thing again).
They’re is a contraction of They are. The apostrophe replaces the letter a. An easy way to remember this – if you are going to spell something using this word, ask yourself if “they are” makes sense. Like the above sentence on the spelling for their, writing it as ‘on the M.D.O.D. blog, it is they are choice who they allow to be an author over they are’. It sounds funny(at least to me it does) because it’s not the correct way.

Advice vs. Advise

Think of how it would sound if said outloud.
• advice with a C sounds like Ad-vICE and is a noun
• advise with an S sounds like Ad-vyze and is a verb.
I’m going to advise anyone reading this to take my advice on the difference between these two words.

An a simple word that I’ve seen plenty of other bloggers, people in online forums, etc., writing is:
license– C comes before S in alphabet – liCenSe

lightning vs. lighteningpic of lightning Another little letter makes a difference in the meaning of the word.
Lightning(without the E added in) would refer to the fascinating phenomenon in the sky.
Lightening is defined as 1. descent of the uterus into the pelvic cavity that occur late in pregnancy; the fetus is said to have dropped; 2. changing to a lighter color.

Wasted Rx’s and $$$

May 26, 2008

In the past week I endured the loss of losing a family member who was very dear to me. She had a chronic illness and Hospice did become involved. After her death, the time came to dispose of medications such as the morphine and Ativan to keep her comfortable in those last few hours. Additionally, there was an Rx picked up earlier that day for I *think* Oxycodone. It had never been opened. Hospice(at least in this area) is a non-profit organization.

So many people that cannot afford medication, yet, because we have the words most retarded governing rules and FDA hurting the innocent, a $200 prescription, paid for by a non-profit, for legality reasons had to be disposed of and documented. Because I have cats, we were able to dispose of all meds in filthy cat litter. The Hospice RN said it was better to dispose of meds (primarily narcotic and scheduled medications, but thyroid pills, etc., as well) in the litter and not putting into streams, etc by flushing. The stupid part is that with the tablets – even though they were in disgusting cat litter, I doubt that is going to deter a hardcore addict if they sift through the landfill. Considering ingredients in methamphetamine like draino and other things that were never intended to human consumption, is that really going to deter an addict? Nah, I doubt it.

With a never opened Rx, it would really make more sense to return to pharmacy, recategorize or something – instead douchebags at the FDA like to let people go without meds. I have many insights and views and over time in the this blog, will write about my disdain for the FDA, DEA, etc, and the reasons why they need to be disbanded. “Public safety” is their excuse for waste? *sigh* Anyone who has ever had financial issues with obtaining needed meds is not going care about the “public safety” bs.