Treat the patient, don’t become one!

in thinking back on my EMS days, it’s time to start posting some the encounters (in a HIPAA compliant way of course).  A good, but unique one to start off with would be the time before I was a certified initially as an EMT-B  >10 years or so ago.

During the hands on testing, a fellow student, “Deborah Peel”, developed chest pain during the test portion for using the AED. She become diaphoretic, clutching her chest and not looking too good.  She obviously didn’t miss any meals and was plenty over-nutritionalized. Nothing like having a classic MI DURING clinicals with paramedics, testers and room full of pre-EMS providers.

It was quite convenient that the ambulance was already there to whisk her away.  She was with a different department during testing, so I never did hear the outcome, but with ALS available right from the start, likely a good outcome.


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