Dumbest call ever

On blogroll includes Emergency Emily who recently posted the dumbest call ever. It’s toss whether her dumbest, or my dumbest was the “winner”. So, in response to EE’s Dumbest call ever: http://backboardsandbandaids.blogspot.com/2008/05/dumbest-call-ever.html

A dude called 911, for the ambulance, because a spider was in his bed.

A spider. In his bed.

“I’m just scared man. You have to take me to the ER.”

Was he experiencing chest pain from the scare? No.
Did the spider bite him? No.
Was he having any sort of medical problem? No.

He was just “scared.”

Folks, pat yourself on the back, you funded this gentleman’s ride to the hospital. You’re also paying for his ER visit.

This is officially the dumbest call of my career. It beats out the “hangnail” call. It beats out the “my arm fell asleep” call. It beats out the “I’m hot” call. It beats out all the fakers and drug seekers and ER abusers.

Spider in bed guy, congratulations, you win.

One of the doozy’s I was called out to:

I’m not sure if spider guy wins or if one of my more memorable stupid call wins. We were once dispatched to a “possible chemical burn to face”, so ALS was sent out to the house as well. While fortunately, at least in some ways, the situation was an exaggerated tale, the problem was on par with spider guy. A gentleman sat on his eyeglasses and they broke. He had called 911 reporting he couldn’t see. Apparently, stating he got household chemicals in his eyes. Guess he figured we had a magic wand that would make him see better without it glasses. He requested transport, but at the immediate moment I don’t recall if he was one of the few we refused transport and documented the heck out of the charts, or if I’m thinking of another call.

So, not sure who “wins” for most ridiculous call, as my guy was not scared, just stupid


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