interesting spellings

On patient sign-in sheets and other paperwork I deal with regularly on a need to know basis, I’ve been keeping an ongoing log of some of the more unique patient misspellings and ones I found amusing. If you arrived to this page trying to figure out how to spell a particular word, to aid you in your research, the correct spelling is the word after the =sign.

Cessil = Cefzil
limpnod cancer = lymph node ca
sarelbril hemrage = cerebral hemorrhage
“Hydrawatever” for HCTZ (I would have though hydrocodone without additional information)
hyrachlorathoricide = Hydrochlorothiazide (for a layperson, that individual did impressively well on that spelling)
“Listernal” = Lisinopril
“snipped” = vasectomy
lou aehriz = Lou Gehrig’s disease
subrual hemage = subdural hemorrhage
Dimenia = Dementia
enumonia = pneumonia
amonia, ammonia = pneumonia (and multiple renditions of)

last updated: 5/30/08


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