Wasted Rx’s and $$$

In the past week I endured the loss of losing a family member who was very dear to me. She had a chronic illness and Hospice did become involved. After her death, the time came to dispose of medications such as the morphine and Ativan to keep her comfortable in those last few hours. Additionally, there was an Rx picked up earlier that day for I *think* Oxycodone. It had never been opened. Hospice(at least in this area) is a non-profit organization.

So many people that cannot afford medication, yet, because we have the words most retarded governing rules and FDA hurting the innocent, a $200 prescription, paid for by a non-profit, for legality reasons had to be disposed of and documented. Because I have cats, we were able to dispose of all meds in filthy cat litter. The Hospice RN said it was better to dispose of meds (primarily narcotic and scheduled medications, but thyroid pills, etc., as well) in the litter and not putting into streams, etc by flushing. The stupid part is that with the tablets – even though they were in disgusting cat litter, I doubt that is going to deter a hardcore addict if they sift through the landfill. Considering ingredients in methamphetamine like draino and other things that were never intended to human consumption, is that really going to deter an addict? Nah, I doubt it.

With a never opened Rx, it would really make more sense to return to pharmacy, recategorize or something – instead douchebags at the FDA like to let people go without meds. I have many insights and views and over time in the this blog, will write about my disdain for the FDA, DEA, etc, and the reasons why they need to be disbanded. “Public safety” is their excuse for waste? *sigh* Anyone who has ever had financial issues with obtaining needed meds is not going care about the “public safety” bs.


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