(MT) Watch out for these words

Something I was meaning to put up was a list of “tricky” words – geared more at new transcriptionists, but we all can use reminders at times… (this post will be added on to as I find/make time)

Malar vs. Malleus vs. Malleolus

malar (zygomatic bone)
Outline of Malar/Zygomatic bone (hotlinked image)

malleus (TM area)
Diagram of inside of ear [hotlinked image]

malleolus (fibula prominence)
Malleolus [hotlinked image]

Dysphasia vs. Dysphagia
Dysphagia: Difficulty in swallowing.
dyspahgia (noun) Condition in which swallowing is difficult or painful
Dysphasia / Aphasia: A language disorder in which there is an impairment of speech and of comprehension of speech. (such as with TIA’s for example) / inability to use or understand language (spoken or written) because of a brain lesion or injury.
Though some MD’s will use the terms aphasia and dysphagia interchangeably, the differences between these two terms are:
• Aphasia = loss of ability to speak or understand speech.
• Dysphasia = a partial or disordered ability to speak or understand speech.
——– But for dysphaGia and dysphaSia a numonic to make it easier to remember – the G in dyphagia, think of as GI (as in gastrointestinal)

There vs. Their vs. They’re

To me this is one of the more trivial basic things, but perhaps someone else surfing the net will find this useful.
There is used to describe a location. An example would be if I ask you to look at the sidebar on the right side of your screen – I have a list of other blogs over THERE on that right side.
Their is a noun the expresses possession of something. Example, on the M.D.O.D. blog, it is THEIR (as in the authors of that blog) choice who they allow to be an author over THERE (ahhhh, that location thing again).
They’re is a contraction of They are. The apostrophe replaces the letter a. An easy way to remember this – if you are going to spell something using this word, ask yourself if “they are” makes sense. Like the above sentence on the spelling for their, writing it as ‘on the M.D.O.D. blog, it is they are choice who they allow to be an author over they are’. It sounds funny(at least to me it does) because it’s not the correct way.

Advice vs. Advise

Think of how it would sound if said outloud.
• advice with a C sounds like Ad-vICE and is a noun
• advise with an S sounds like Ad-vyze and is a verb.
I’m going to advise anyone reading this to take my advice on the difference between these two words.

An a simple word that I’ve seen plenty of other bloggers, people in online forums, etc., writing is:
license– C comes before S in alphabet – liCenSe

lightning vs. lighteningpic of lightning Another little letter makes a difference in the meaning of the word.
Lightning(without the E added in) would refer to the fascinating phenomenon in the sky.
Lightening is defined as 1. descent of the uterus into the pelvic cavity that occur late in pregnancy; the fetus is said to have dropped; 2. changing to a lighter color.


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