so, what provoked him?

Since some of these patient stories, modified to comply with HIPAA of course, here’s another one from the archives of my memory. I’ve dusted off the virual brain file to bring you this short exerpt. I’m sure I have more laughable ones, but I haven’t sorted through all those mental archives, and figure out a creative privacy based way to write ’em.
One one particular weekend, a carnival had come to town. If anyone knows anything about ‘carnies’ they smell bad and love to drink, and while it doesn’t have effect the medical care they receive, have no insurance, no permanent address, etc.

It seems whenever there was a call and anything to do with a carnie was involved, usually a degree of intoxication was present at a minimum. One particular evening around 1 a.m. we were dispatched out to a local bar. A patient I’ll call Mr. Peel had been drinking all evening (and likely all day) and was unconscious. It wasn’t a typical fall over and pass out type of unconscious, but an altercation between Mr. Peel and another individual at the bar. His face was a bloody mess and he was certainly the drunken victim of a bar fight disagreement.

On the way the hospital, Mr. Peel had regained consciousness, and despite making our ambulance stink like alcohol, was quite lucid. While going through questions, assessing him, etc., I asked him “So, what provoked the other guy to attack you.”

With his toothless grin he cracked a smile and replied “me” (meaning him).

I never ever had a patient by the name of Deborah or Mr. Peel – who just happens to be the “HIPAA nazi” and makes such a great pseudonym on medical blogs.


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