How to prevent meth use

Methamphetamine – nothing but a headache for everyone. For allergy sufferers like me, the fact pseudoephedrine products (aka Sudafed, Benadryl-D) are limited are more than just a sinus headache for me. As I understand it, the primary ingredient in meth is pseudoephedrine. Legislators seem to think it’s a great idea to limit the sales. That means it’s a pain in the butt for allergy sufferers to get a medicine that actually works for symptomatic relief, a headache for pharmacists who must go through the legal hassles of dispensing literally having to dispense an OTC med over their counter, with no financial kick backs or perks to them, and(presumably) the meth addicts just getting sneakier about getting products. Sadly, all these STUPID laws and roadblocks in place hurt more than the group they were intended for.

I say if someone wants to use meth, have closed door clinic – let them in, but lock the door behind them. Those who want to sober up and want to make a legit change in their life will be released. The rest – hey, free meth for all who enter, but they aren’t allowed to leave unless they’re clean for a predetermined amount of time. For those not wishing to clean up, let them sit there, give them all the meth they want. If they overdose, well, consider it some chlorine to the people pool. (I’d call it the gene pool, but addictions are a series of bad choices, not genetic in my opinion). You ask, how can a Christian say such a thing- easy, I choose Jesus, much like addicts have their own prerogatives. I’m no saint, but I have repented and know I’m forgiven, even if some of my ideas seem radical to some. Even an addict has the choice of looking to God for help at cleaning up. I believe people can and do change, but only if they want to – much like choosing God – no one can force anyone one way or the other.

So, on my recent state tax return, they have an option to contribute to anti-meth campaigns – riiiiiiiiiiiiight, gimme a break. For truly effective anti-meth advertising, just show Meth-Mouth (one of devastating side effects of it). Today’s rant on meth struck me after reading Dr. WhiteCoat’s entry on Denstistry and Socialized Medicine.

His entry is *NOT* about meth, but socialized medicine and dentistry as a comparison. As always, he brings up good points!

As for the Methamphetamine campaigns, click this only if you do not have a weak stomach. It’s a google image search on “meth mouth” and brings up the most convincing reasons(images) of all on not using it.


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2 Responses to “How to prevent meth use”

  1. staronrecovery Says:

    That is the dumbest, most ill-informed comment I have ever read about addiction. You chose Jesus? Yeah, I love the way people “choose Jesus” once everyone else on the planet wants nothing to do them. If you’re such a big follower of Jesus, then re-read Matthew 25. Then instead of just telling people you’re a Christian, you can start acting like it. Go ahead oh holy one, read Matthew 25 then tell me if you feel the same about writing this hate-filled garbage you call a blog.

  2. It seems we’re all good at making someone upset « Kat’s sKratch pad Says:

    […] response to my entry “How to Prevent Meth Use”, it would appear I have really ruffled the feathers of an addict That is the dumbest, most […]

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