Research & more of my 2¢ on meth

I’ve been aware that sinus/allergy medications contained an ingredient in meth, and the rest consisted of things like toilet bowl clearing. In doing some searching, there are many items listed that I wouldn’t want to touch without gloves, much less put in my body!?! Baffles the mind what would make a person think of this.

Not a comprehensive list, but a general one after doing some web research with a list of what goes into the production of meth:
Gasoline additives, Rubbing Alcohol, Paint thinner, Benzene, Freon, Anhydrous ammonia, Acetone(fingernail polish remover), Chloroform, ingredients from brake cleaner, drain cleaner, lithium from batteries, iodine, Camp stove fuel, Pheynl-2-Propane, Phenylacetone, Phenylpropanolamine, Battery acid

I’d have to do a search on what “Phenylacetone” is, as well as a couple others, but the ones most of us are familiar with… paint thinner, battery acid… ?!?!? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out these are substances that do NOT belong in the body. My gripe – nothing else (that I’m aware of) has controlled sales, so why punish those with allergies?

Meth lab clean ups carry a hefty price tags. Rather than having innocent law abiding personnel don protective suits to clean them up, I saw we get one of the addicts and/or inmates on a volunteer basis; having worked as a corrections officer in the past, there are plenty of inmates in the work release programs, etc., that would be interested in doing so. Eliminate the special suits and huge costs. Another option I’d propose would be to strap a high voltage shock collar on a meth lab owner, so if they tried to run or do anything stupid, the push of a button would disable them.


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