Medications to avoid?

This was an interesting article I accidentally came across (I was reading another blog, clicked the link to an entirely different story, then saw this one on the side)

Seeing how the “drugs list” is both a popular hit to this blog, but also from people seeking additional information, I found and would like to share this:8 Drugs Doctors Say They Would Not Take. It includes combinations of things. I doubt any particular individuals in my blogroll, etc. would necessarily endorse(or not endorse) things in the article, but for what it’s worth, it may be a read if you came here looking for medication information.

The article I was reading was Woman Wakes After Heart Stopped, Rigor Mortis Set In. WOW! I’ve always said God has a purpose for me (some of my own life stories will eventually be published), but this just is mind boggling!


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