Isn’t “all” sin equal?

Yes, as a matter of fact, ALL SIN IS EQUAL – like most things of course, there is a catch. The fact that while sins are equal and God will certainly forgive you if you repent and sincerely ask for his forgiveness, the greater the sin, the greater the consequence.

Cursing at the computer when it doesn’t cooperate is going to have far fewer repercussions than getting drunk, behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and inadvertently killing someone. I unfortunately know from experience that telling someone that indeed their loved one is dead is not easy. Though my patient’s were usually already long expired before their loved ones found them it was still heartbreaking to see the hurt when having to empathetically let someone know that their loved one was expired. Ultimately, I still find the most tragic deaths to be those of who were not believers with God in their life.

As in the scenarios above – while cursing at the annoying computer may result in irritating someone else in the room (or perhaps entertain everyone depending on the situation), taking another’s life from a DUI is going to have comparably harsher consequences. All one needs to do is sincerely ask God for forgiveness, and it will be forgiven. It doesn’t mean asking for forgiveness is a ticket out of jail, just that the slate is wiped clean and you are no longer guilty in God’s eyes.

Another good step, especially for anyone striving to walk with the Lord, is don’t keep repeating the same sin or crime! Some sins are easier to break than others, but God knows who is trying versus who is going through the talk, but not walking the walk.

There is that one big sin that is not forgiven which is blasphemy. My interpretation is that it would be better to have never known Him(God) than to know him, but turn your back on and outright deny Him.


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