OTC home remedy tips

This is another one of those lists I’ll add to here and there…

• Tick bites – the easiest way to get rid of a tick is to put Carmex or other type of chapstick over the entire tick and surrounding area. Because these disgusting little creatures breathe through their abdomen, they will instinctively crawl out because they are suffocating. No more tweezers or lost heads underneath the skin.

• For epistaxis, for you lay folk the common “nosebleed”, using a tampon (yep, the good ol’ kind us ladies use each month) it excellent to help prevent a mess.
• To STOP (or quickly slow) a nosebleed – having a bottle of NeoSynephrine nasal spray (over-the-counter product) and giving a few good squirts in there will shrink the swollen membranes and usually stop the bleed.
Of note – using NeoSynephrine for MORE than three days in a row will actually make congestion worse. Just keep a bottle handy if your prone to the occasional nosebleed.

• No more frozen shut car doors – Spray the rubber part with WD40 and keyhole during the wintertime. To date, I have NEVER had a door frozen shut since I started doing that.

• Spilled battery acid burns! If you’ve ever mechaniced on an old school jet-ski, you know the work space in them is very limited. When charging the batteries, it’s easiest for me to take the batteries out (plus no extension cord long enough to go where the machines are parked). If it is burning you, baking soda is a base and will neutralize the acid.

• Flash burn – Flashburn can occur to the eyes from welding without protection. Prevention by wearing facial and eye protection is the obvious key, but if you should be prone to not making unsafe decisions otherwise, friend’s of mine who are welders offer this tip. Cut a potato in half and apply that moist inside part over the eyes.

*NONE of this should be constituted as medical advice. Simply, these are my opinions and experiences(or things others who I know have tried). If you have a good one you’d like to add, drop me a comment or email. More eventually on the way as I think of them.


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