The House of Bees

I heard it on the radio first, so did a goggle search and found this article
(yeah I know, you probably thought this was going to be a patient call I went on – uhm NO! I am afraid of bees)
The brief article was interesting, but one of the comments on the article is one I found to be downright funny!

I had the same problem at my old house in Southern California. We had a hive in the bathroom wall. The steam from the shower would cause the honey to seep through any cracks in the wall. This was especially common during the summer. We would joke about bottling and selling “Old Man Tim’s Wall Honey”. 🙂

When I complained to my landlord about the bees, he came by with a shop vac one day while I was at work. He vacuumed up the bees, and put them in my neighbor’s trash can with a note on it saying “Danger Bees!” You can imagine how pleased my neighbor was to find their trashcan out on the street with like 5 days to trash day.

If you were the trashman, just what would YOU do with a trashcan labeled “Danger Bees” – I’m not sure if I’m allergic, and I’m not interested in carrying an Epi-Pen to try and find out, so my answer would have to be that I’d get someone else.

I’ve had plenty I want to write lately, just lacking time and enjoying readings the blogs in my blogroll instead.


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