Focus? Point of this blog?

I’m always thinking about what I want to write, etc.. The reason for this blog? Mainly because I find it therapeutic to type and write about whatever.

The nice thing about using WordPress (well, BlogSpot and others too) are the features to include terms and how people came across my particular little space on the web. I’ve decided that one of the things I’m going to do, is keep an educational focus. Even the “(MT) Watch out for these words” which has been somewhat popular, is one I updated again today. The medication lists are another item I update regularly. I do it as a part of my job, knowing what the medication for, how to spell it correctly, and by posting here on the web, I’m hopeful others may benefit from my ongoing growing list.

It’s easy to mimic the styles of other blogs I enjoy reading to include patient stories and so forth. It’s because of privacy things that I write carefully and creatively in those areas.

My life, over the years to present, is an ongoing adventure. I have no need to embellish my life stories, as the blunt truth is always interesting enough as is. More of those will appear here over time.

What’s on my heart, my mind, or I just flat out found interesting; I’ve decided to keep going along, writing a hodgepodge about whatever I want.

People who know me in person know my adventures. For everyone else stalking me reading, some of the adventures to come will probably include details of my spinal injury a few years ago (and the fact that while some things slow me down, I let nothing stop me); hit by car while on bicycle; renal calculi (aka kidney stones) even a 5.6 mm one are not as painful as people make them out to be; performing CPR on an airplane; mouth to snout on what would have been a dead dog -don’t even think of coming up with dog lip comments, etc!); other adventures where I’ve skimmed along the edge of death, but God has proven time and time again that He has a purpose for me. I have my personal testimony, snowboarding tips and more to write about.

Comments made automatically are sent to my email box (and don’t appear here unless I want to let them), so if anyone reading is interested in any particular story I have mentioned above, please drop a comment and that’s the one I’ll post a write up about.


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