The DMV endorses practicing medicine without a medical license…

This was clearly stated by a DMV employee – I’m not kidding you! A few years ago I needed to renew my license so went in. I happened to be riding my bicycle that day. I have near 20:20 vision uncorrected in the good eye, but not as good in the other, so will sometimes wear glasses for the sake of the weaker eyes. The glasses have the polarized lenses, so I was wearing them while bicycling. Went inside, and when I had to take their joke of an eye test, I took the glasses off and read the stuff just fine. I took the test WITHOUT wearing them. Is it that hard to observe? Apparently for the incompetent lady behind the counter it was. I’ve never had lens restriction, etc., on my license. After the test since I was preparing to go back outside, put the glasses back on (easier place to keep them anyway). Dumb DMV lady puts corrective lens restriction on my license.

Perhaps the DMV was trying to scam me – no, I know it was a case of a typical moron working there, but the fact she wanted to “retest me” AND charge me again to print the license that she put false info on (the correct lens thing) my license. Since I don’t wear the glasses all the time, I have concerns if I were pulled over for something because of this incorrect info. The fact she wanted to re-charge me the money. The DMV is evil enough as it is, but why should anyone pay for THEIR mistakes. What happened to taking ones own responsibility? At that point, I smiled and left. You can’t argue with abuse tyrants.

I went to my ophthalmologist and got a signed letter from him to state I did not need corrective lenses all the time or while driving. I brought that letter in a few days later. I don’t remember if it was the same person behind the counter or not, but the anal retentive person asks me to take their DMV eye test. From there, I asked her if she was a certified ophthalmologist – of course not. I asked if she endorsed practicing without a medical license – she YES. There you have it, the DMV actually ENDORSES practicing without a medical license, rather than a certified doctor. I wish I had her confession on camera. I know she said it because I was being polite and not yelling or using the harsh tone she deserved.

Next DMV rant will be the fact that one lady cannot count past 32 (quite amusing story from 2-3 months ago)


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