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I’m usually not one to write about or get heavy into any politics, but one thing I disagree with is the electoral process. Populations are exploding and growing in cities everywhere.  The current system is broken.  Each state should have *1* electoral vote. Like the current system, the overall popular vote is the electoral vote the state gets. In the event of tie with each party getting 25 electorals, then go by the overall nationwide majority vote, hence actually making every vote actually count. The current system for voting is broken, last election most of us remember how Florida’s counting process was broken, current healthcare crisis is broken. After this recent Barack Obama vs. John McCain election, the economy and all the above, etc., are going to be some pretty hefty issues regardless of winner.

I sincerely wonder how campaigning efforts would go if the voting system were a little bit different; so candidates wouldn’t just work the states with the most electoral votes.

It’s time to vote for a new voting process.


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