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Too many pills?

April 26, 2009

I posted this one several months ago, but with a few new readers and friends, didn’t want this hilarious pill song to go unenjoyed. Be sure to enjoy the ”Disclaimer” at the end.

(You tube version removed from blog since vid is no longer available – 2/2010)

Original Shockwave version

In denial of a GI bleed

April 25, 2009

blood drop image
I’ve been on quite the blogging hiatus as of late. I have plenty of half finished, unpublished story, but have one that really put things over the top.

March 2009 was an eventful month. Started out a bilateral acute otitis media(for you lay people, that’s an ear infection) about a week prior to a scheduled orthopedic surgery. I immediately went on a course of antibiotics, and my ears were clearing and surgery day came.

The orthopedic surgery was done in an outpatient setting. Although I was fully under, intubated and whole nine yards, I woke up and was ready to enjoy the day. I probably would have grabbed my skis if anyone let me. I had my mother accompany me that day, and on the way to my house we stopped and I had a burger. My appetite was great and I was feeling great. I had anticipated I would sleep all day – nope, I was awake chatting on the phone and playing flash games the majority of the day.

As evening approached, I went to bed. Slept through the night, through the next day, and the next night before thinking I had enough sleep. On the second night of my extended slumber, I awoke with searing hunger pain. I got up and munched on three slices of plain bread. That helped satisfy the hunger pains.

Three days after surgery I was ready to head to work and start getting stuff done at the office. I only lasted for about two hours that first day. I was feeling very run down, tired, etc. Figured it was possibly a side effect of the antibiotic for the OM, or perhaps the body just needed some caffeine in the form of Dr Pepper to wake me up. All I could think to do was go home, curl up in a fetal position and sleep. At some point in the day I had gone to the bathroom and figured having the business result being black in color was just the side effect of a med, either the antibiotic before the surgery, something during, or perhaps something I ate. For several more days, no daily business, but I figured it was just constipation secondary to pain meds.

One week and a day after surgery I got up, still feeling run down. I nuked some mac and cheese I made the night before and had that for breakfast. It has not been an hour since eating it and I just got to feeling nauseous. That morning, I brought my cell in the bathroom with me, likely intuition that I knee something was wrong. Episode of coffee ground emesis followed by melena. At this point, having become completely diaphoretic, pale including my tongue looking whiter by the day, and having a rather weak thready pulse, I finally quit denying the symptoms and realized I had a GI bleed going on.

Luckily I had my phone with me. I was too weak to stand up. Any effort result in increased tachycardia and a feeling of being ready to pass out. I called my mom telling her I needed a ride to the hospital. I probably would have driven myself, except I could tell that I was in no condition to get behind the wheel.

After a week of circling toward the drain, I could tell I needed to get help. When I got out of the car, I basically had to squat against the wall outside and rest for a couple of minutes so that I would not black out. I got up, walked to the triage desk and was leaning up against, positioned so that I would not hurt myself if I were to pass out.

I obviously looked as terrible as I felt. Someone grabbed a wheelchair and asked me to sit in it. The waiting room and all bed in the ER were full, yet barely clinging to consciousness must have been obvious since I was not in the waiting room but a minute or two while they cleared out a room and took me back right away.

My self diagnosis of a GI bleed was very correct. Vitals which were basically in the toilet were taken, blood drawn. They set up doing a blood draw to cross and type match my blood, as it was very obvious what was going on, even before getting gastroscoped.

Got scoped, duodenal ulcers cauterized, and admitted where 4 units of life saving blood were transfused. Never in my life would I have expected to be on the receiving end of blood, but I also can not be more thankful to the donors who altruistically went to the local blood bank and gave.

About a month has passed, and life always throws an adventure or something new my way. This was just the latest chapter.