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Where to turn during the hard times

June 22, 2008

She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: “How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?”

The surgeon said, “I’m sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn’t make it.”

Sally said, “Why do little children get cancer? Doesn’t God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?”

The surgeon asked, “Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he’s transported to the university.”

Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good bye to her son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. “Would you like a lock of his hair?” the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy’s hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally.

The mother said, ‘It was Jimmy’s idea to donate his body to the University for study. He said it might help somebody else. I said no at first, but Jimmy said, ‘Mom, I won’t be using it after I die. Maybe it will help some other little boy spend one more day with his Mom.'” She went on, “My Jimmy had a heart of gold. Always thinking of someone else. Always wanting to help others if he could.”

Sally walked out of Children’s Mercy Hospital for the last time, after spending most of the last six months there. She put the bag with Jimmy’s belongings on the seat beside her in the car.

The drive home was difficult. It was even harder to enter the empty house. She carried Jimmy’s belongings, and the plastic bag with the lock of his hair to her son’s room.

She started placing the model cars and other personal things back in his room exactly where he had always kept them. She lay down across his bed and, hugging his pillow, cried herself to sleep.

It was around midnight when Sally awoke. Lying beside her on the bed was a folded letter. The letter said:

Dear Mom,

I know you’re going to miss me; but don’t think that I will ever forget you, or stop loving you, just ’cause I’m not around to say ‘I Love You’. I will always love you, Mom, even more with each day. Someday we will see each other again. Until then, if you want to adopt a little boy so you won’t be so lonely, that’s okay with me. He can have my room and old stuff to play with. But, if you decide to get a girl instead, she probably wouldn’t like the same things us boys do. You’ll have to buy her dolls and stuff girls like, you know.

Don’t be sad thinking about me. This really is a neat place. Grandma and Grandpa met me as soon as I got here and showed me around some, but it will take a long time to see everything. The angels are so cool. I love to watch them fly. And, you know what? Jesus doesn’t look like any of his pictures. Yet, when I saw Him, I knew it was Him. Jesus himself took me to see GOD! And guess what, Mom? I got to sit on God’s knee and talk to Him, like I was somebody important. That’s when I told Him that I wanted to write you a letter, to tell you good bye and everything. But I already knew that wasn’t allowed. Well, you know what Mom? God handed me some paper and His own personal pen to write you this letter I think Gabriel is the name of the angel who is going to drop this letter off to you. God said for me to give you the answer to one of the questions you asked Him ‘where was He when I needed him?’ ‘God said He was in the same place with me, as when His son Jesus was on the cross. He was right there, as He always is with all His children.

Oh, by the way, Mom, no one else can see what I’ve written except you. To everyone else this is just a blank piece of paper. Isn’t that cool? I have to give God His pen back now He needs it to write some more names in the Book of Life. Tonight I get to sit at the table with Jesus for supper. I’m sure the food will be great.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I don’t hurt anymore the cancer is all gone.. I’m glad because I couldn’t stand that pain anymore and God couldn’t stand to see me hurt so much, either. That’s when He sent The Angel of Mercy to come get me. The Angel said I was a Special Delivery! How about that?

Signed with Love from God, Jesus & Me.

The above was recently emailed to me by a friend. A touchingly written story. The original author is unknown, but I’d be happy to give them credit. I recently lost a loved one due to a form of muscular dystrophy that hits later in life. I absolutely do *not* blame God for my loved one to acquire such a cruel disease, but instead, have been able to turn to God for comfort, knowing His divine timing was right when she left this life.

I think part of the reason I tend to live “on the edge” and “fearlessly” is because I know where I’m heading when I’m away from this life here on earth.

My ultimate point would be, even with the above story in mind, God does not give cancer and other cruel diseases to people – it happens to a person whether they are a believer, non-believer or agnostic.  Illness, suffering and pain happen to us mere human.

I’ve heard people pray for something specific, then are disappointed in that prayer not being answered. Over the years, I have prayed for plenty of things; some prayers and specifics which were not answered, but in hindsight, I am so thankful they were NOT answered. There is always a reason for how God answers prayers (or doesn’t answer some) as He knows what is best.

More later, but with such a touching intro to use on this posting, couldn’t resist not adding my 2¢.


Isn’t “all” sin equal?

June 11, 2008

Yes, as a matter of fact, ALL SIN IS EQUAL – like most things of course, there is a catch. The fact that while sins are equal and God will certainly forgive you if you repent and sincerely ask for his forgiveness, the greater the sin, the greater the consequence.

Cursing at the computer when it doesn’t cooperate is going to have far fewer repercussions than getting drunk, behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and inadvertently killing someone. I unfortunately know from experience that telling someone that indeed their loved one is dead is not easy. Though my patient’s were usually already long expired before their loved ones found them it was still heartbreaking to see the hurt when having to empathetically let someone know that their loved one was expired. Ultimately, I still find the most tragic deaths to be those of who were not believers with God in their life.

As in the scenarios above – while cursing at the annoying computer may result in irritating someone else in the room (or perhaps entertain everyone depending on the situation), taking another’s life from a DUI is going to have comparably harsher consequences. All one needs to do is sincerely ask God for forgiveness, and it will be forgiven. It doesn’t mean asking for forgiveness is a ticket out of jail, just that the slate is wiped clean and you are no longer guilty in God’s eyes.

Another good step, especially for anyone striving to walk with the Lord, is don’t keep repeating the same sin or crime! Some sins are easier to break than others, but God knows who is trying versus who is going through the talk, but not walking the walk.

There is that one big sin that is not forgiven which is blasphemy. My interpretation is that it would be better to have never known Him(God) than to know him, but turn your back on and outright deny Him.

Funny picture with caption

June 7, 2008

On the radio station I enjoy listening to, they have a picture caption contest. This one is from awhile ago, but still makes me chuckle:

Raise up a child and tape her to the wall….. and she will not depart from it.

Funny picture!

The basis of this caption is from:
Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

It seems we’re all good at making someone upset

June 3, 2008

It looks like many of bloggers are good at peeving someone off. I know the fibromyalgaers and migrainers have gotten their underwear in knots from time to time from many in my blogroll (currently, column on the right of the screen). Didn’t take long for me to get someone on the web a bit less than happy.

In response to my entry “How to Prevent Meth Use”, it would appear I have really ruffled the feathers of an addict perfect faultless individual

That is the dumbest, most ill-informed comment I have ever read about addiction. You chose Jesus? Yeah, I love the way people “choose Jesus” once everyone else on the planet wants nothing to do them. If you’re such a big follower of Jesus, then re-read Matthew 25. Then instead of just telling people you’re a Christian, you can start acting like it. Go ahead oh holy one, read Matthew 25 then tell me if you feel the same about writing this hate-filled garbage you call a blog.

In looking at their first sentence: “That is the dumbest, most ill-informed comment I have ever read about addiction.”, with nothing more to go on than the quoted comment, it’s hard to make assumptions on who the person actually is, but it would appear this was an addict to be taking the overall post so seriously. The bottomline point of the “how to prevent meth use” was that showing ads on meth-mouth should scare a person away. Amazing how a person can get so upset over a few sentences I wrote. Fact is, yep, I choose Jesus and not afraid to say it. Some of my ideas and opinions might be radical at times, but by sharing, I may end up with an insight I did not have prior. I’m certainly human and not without sin.

“instead of just telling people you’re a Christian, you can start acting like it.” Perhaps the fact I generally choose not to swear, here or in real life, or that I was in church from my own choice with the angry commenter wrote, or the examples I try to set in real-life, yet, not a few posts in a newly started blog, but the real world, just didn’t sit right with this commenter.

Go ahead oh holy one.. – nope, sorry. You must have me confused with the Holy One, but I’ll try and be understanding here. After all, some people with addictions may have a difficult time understanding I am not the Holy One.

read Matthew 25 – Matthew 25 is a great chapter! What The Parable of the Ten Virgins, The Parable of the Talents, or The Sheep and the Goats have to do with meth use or being a Christian doesn’t make sense. Yeah, I love the way people “choose Jesus” once everyone else on the planet wants nothing to do them. – God loves unconditionally and is the best choice for someone who wants to rid an addiction. I can tell you accidentally typo’d and meant to say ‘nothing to do WITH them”. For me as a human and that has seen what the ills of society bring, ranging from theft to deception, and multiple issues, it’s no wonder those of us who have chosen not to participate in illicit activities frown on those who do.

…then tell me if you feel the same about writing this hate-filled garbage you call a blog” – Thanks for the laugh! If you hate my blog so much, then don’t bother to read it. Think you have better insight? Let me know the link to your blog and I can certainly post it.

How to prevent meth use

May 31, 2008

Methamphetamine – nothing but a headache for everyone. For allergy sufferers like me, the fact pseudoephedrine products (aka Sudafed, Benadryl-D) are limited are more than just a sinus headache for me. As I understand it, the primary ingredient in meth is pseudoephedrine. Legislators seem to think it’s a great idea to limit the sales. That means it’s a pain in the butt for allergy sufferers to get a medicine that actually works for symptomatic relief, a headache for pharmacists who must go through the legal hassles of dispensing literally having to dispense an OTC med over their counter, with no financial kick backs or perks to them, and(presumably) the meth addicts just getting sneakier about getting products. Sadly, all these STUPID laws and roadblocks in place hurt more than the group they were intended for.

I say if someone wants to use meth, have closed door clinic – let them in, but lock the door behind them. Those who want to sober up and want to make a legit change in their life will be released. The rest – hey, free meth for all who enter, but they aren’t allowed to leave unless they’re clean for a predetermined amount of time. For those not wishing to clean up, let them sit there, give them all the meth they want. If they overdose, well, consider it some chlorine to the people pool. (I’d call it the gene pool, but addictions are a series of bad choices, not genetic in my opinion). You ask, how can a Christian say such a thing- easy, I choose Jesus, much like addicts have their own prerogatives. I’m no saint, but I have repented and know I’m forgiven, even if some of my ideas seem radical to some. Even an addict has the choice of looking to God for help at cleaning up. I believe people can and do change, but only if they want to – much like choosing God – no one can force anyone one way or the other.

So, on my recent state tax return, they have an option to contribute to anti-meth campaigns – riiiiiiiiiiiiight, gimme a break. For truly effective anti-meth advertising, just show Meth-Mouth (one of devastating side effects of it). Today’s rant on meth struck me after reading Dr. WhiteCoat’s entry on Denstistry and Socialized Medicine.

His entry is *NOT* about meth, but socialized medicine and dentistry as a comparison. As always, he brings up good points!

As for the Methamphetamine campaigns, click this only if you do not have a weak stomach. It’s a google image search on “meth mouth” and brings up the most convincing reasons(images) of all on not using it.